曲目 tracklist

zeus - timeless 永恆 - 2006.05.31
01. Scan 7 - You Have The Right [Elypsia]
02. 3 Phase - Der Klang der Familie [Tresor]
03. Aphex Twin - Digeridoo [Warp]
04. Jeff Cochran & Adam Winick - Mayonnaise [Format]
05. Claude Young - Sequence 2 [Djax]
06. Sebastian Kramer - Arts (Steve Bicknell Remix 1) [Content]
07. Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe [Additive]
08. Defenders Of The Ghetto - Silenced [Black Nation]
09. Surgeon - Basictonal-remake [Tresor]
10. Jeff Mills - Nepta [Axis]
11. Space Djz - Rise [NovaMute]
12. Locutus - Untitled [Remains]
13. Dajae - Time (Dj Rush rmx) [Kid Dynamite]
14. Victor Simonelli - Beteria-Latin Impressions [Flux]
15. The Aztec Mystic - Jaguar [430 West]
16. Dj Bone - Brazallen [Subject]
17. Stewart Walker - Mobilization (Female rmx) [Tektite]
18. Aural Emote - The First Expression [Symbolism]
19. System 7 - Interstate (Exploding Plastic Mainline) [R & S]
20. Killa Productions - Good Life (Re-Edit) [K.B. Records Inc.]
21. Renato Cohen - Pontapé [Intec]
22. Surgeon - Magneze [Downwards]
23. Dj Bam Bam - Bumpin' [Jackstar]
24. Samuel L. Session - Salsa Lesson [Cycle]
25. Digital Express - The Club [X Trax]
26. Paul Mac - Loose Collection [Phone Music]
27. Dave Clarke - Red 1 [Bush]
28. Jb3 - Believer [NovaMute]

zeus - winter - 2005.07.15
(00:00-03:48) 01.Super Numeri - Otter's Pool [Ninja Tune]
(03:48-10:37) 02.Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays Albert Ayler [Staubgold]
(10:37-18:47) 03.David Shea - Breathe [Quantum]
(18:47-24:56) 04.Mogwai - Fear Satan (Surgeon Remix) [Eye Q]
(24:56-37:22) 05.William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings [Warner]
(37:22-43:38) 06.Eberhard Weber - More Colours [ECM]
(43:38-54:33) 07.Terry Riley - The New Albion Chorale [Celestial Harmonies]
(54:33-71:31) 08.Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert Part 1 [ECM]
(71:31-73:05) 09.Miles Davis - Ascenseur [Phonogram]
(73:05-77:14) 10.Joey Beltram - Untitled 1994 [White]

Melodies - 2005.05.29
01. Gat Decor - Passion (Original Mix)
02. Gipsy - I Trance You (Original 12" Mix)
03. TC 1991 - 1991 (Fratty Energy Mix)
04. Leftfield - Song Of Life
05. Sarah McLachlan - Possession (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)
06. Rabbit In The Moon - Phase 3 - Burning Spear (DJ Three And A. Machine Remix)
07. Uberzone - Botz (Synthetik)
08. The Essence - Body Dance (Heavy Beat Mix)
09. Moby - Everytime You Touch Me (Freestyle Mix)
10. Underworld - Born Slippy
11. The Sunclub - Fiesta De Los Tamborileros (Forrest Dream Mix)
12. LSG - Netherworld (Kid Loops Remix)
13. Way Out West - The Gift
14. Transformer 2 - Just Can't Get Enough (Pacific Jazz Mix)
15. Golden Girls - Kinetic (Remixed By Frank De Wulf)
16. Capricorn - 20 Hz (Nalin & Kane Remix)
17. Lucky Monkeys - Bjango

Daylight 破曉 - 2005.04.09
01. Goldie - Innder City Life
02. Rise Of The Triads - Rapina [Irma]
03. Adam F - F Jams (Cool Down Mix) [F-Jams]
04. ID
05. Slok - One To Go [Music Market]
06. Ingrid De Lambre - Soulvision
07. Erykah Badu - On & On [Universal]
08. Fusion Forum - No Boundaries [Reinforced]
09. Eye'n' Ear - Mama [Mix-It]
10. 4 Hero - Planetaria (A Theme From A Dream) [Talkin' Loud]
11. Future Engineers - Cerulean Seas [Partisan]
12. Clan Greco - Rotation (Jungle Mix) [Irma]
13. The Beloved - The Sun Rising (Tom's Drum & Bass Mix) [Warner]
14. PFM - Crusing Detroit '98
15. Ltj Bukem - Rhodes To Freedom [Good Looking]
16. Nuclear Fusion - Cosmic Messenger [State Of The Art]
17. 808 State - Pacific (Groove Jeep Mix) [Ztt]
18. Kudos - Step Right Up
19. Koolaking - Coolhand (Big Kabinet Mix) [Unxplored Beats]
20. DJ Marky , DJ Patife & ESOM - The Brazilian Job Sampler (Original Lounge Mix) [Movement]
21. Recloose - Landscaping [Planet E]
22. Black Mighty Wax vs. Ohm Guru - Why Can't We Be Friends ? [Irma]
23. Adam F - Circles [Emi]
24. Appaloosa & DJ Dream - Night Train [Looking Good]
25. Ken Ishii - Stretch (Shogun Mix) [R&S]
26. Danny Breaks - The Bear [Droppin' Science]
27. Hooverphonic - 2Wicky (DJ Pulse Dub) [Epic]
28. ID
29. Nu Yorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
30. Carlito - Carlito's Way (Solid State Remix)

Rain Forest 雨林 - 2005.03.30
01.Inigo Kennedy - The Power Of Ten [Asymmetric]
02.Olga + Jozef - #9 [Olga + Jozef]
03.Sebastian Kramer - Arts [Content]
04.Ade Fenton - Broken [Advanced]
05.Steve Bicknell - When All Is Not ? [Cosmic]
06.Orduna & Oruezabal - Ezequiel [2ndroom]
07.Hiroaki Lizuka - Subterrenean [Soleil]
08.Voodooamt - Wig Wag [Kanzleramt]
09.Basic Bastard - Space Rider [Ignitor]
10.Jeff Mills - The Voyager [Axis]
11.Imax - Radar [LL]
12.Jasper - Forget [Cytrax]
13.Tres Demented - Demented (Or Just Crazy) [Planet E]
14.Scion - Emerge 1 [Chain Reaction]
15.Robert Hood - Untitled [M-Plant]
16.Aril Brikha - Groove La' Chord [Fragile]
17.Gary Martin - Serious Business [Teknotika]
18.Daniel Jacques - Cast Away (My Body And Soul) [Superbra]
19.Dj Bone - Modern Melodies [Subject Detroit]
20.Samuel L. Session - Velvet [SLS]
21.Abe Duque - Besame Mucho! [Abe Duque]
22.Ken Ishii - Extra [Medicine Label]
23.Submeditation - Mirror Of This [Choke]

pessimism - 2005.03.18
01.Walker & Triple R - Aufraeumen! [XXC3]
02.Sutekh - Tourte [Source]
03.Phon.o - Interval [Cytrax]
04.Basic Channel - The Climax (Basic Reshape) [Basic Channel]
05.Broom & Hill - Thum [Pure Plastic]
06.Jeff Milligan - Resolution [Force Inc]
07.Peace - 04/98 [Terminal M]
08.Hallucinator - Black Angel [Chain Reaction]
09.Plastikman - Pannikattack [Plus 8]
10.Clubheroes - Smurf's Revenge (The Dum Dum Remixes) [Formaldehyd]
11.Jeff Mills - Expanded [Axis]
12.Tube Jerk - Tube Jerk [Ill]
13.Dbx - Flying Saucer [Accelerate]
14.Awoke - A2 [Classic]
15.Donnacha Costello - Lateral Thinking [Force Inc]
16.Convextion - Crawling & Hungry [Tektite]
17.Fluxion - Multidirectional II [Chain Reaction]
18.Exos - Blizz [Force Inc]
19.Sutekh - Of Sarcasm And Exhaust [Cytrax]
20.Jasper - Ponder [Cytrax]
21.Kenny Larkin - In The Meantime [Peacefrog]
22.Brian Aneurysm - Dis Funktional [Iron Box]
23.Jeff Samuel - Lost [Remains]

release my soul - 2005.01.15.
01.Kool & The Gang - NT Parts 1 & 2 [Polygram]
02.The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back [Motown]
03.Marden Hill - Come On [Mo Wax]
04.Ian O'Brien - Jarrett's Blues [Ferox]
05.The Dining Rooms - Jazz Pour Dadine [Schema]
06.3 Chairs - System Sauce [3 Chairs]
07.Lil Louis & The World - Nyce & Slo [FFRR]
08.Inner City - Till We Meet Again [Ten]
09.The Fatback Band - Keep On Stepping [Ace]
10.Jay Dee - It's Like That [BBE]
11.Joe Farrell - Too High [Sony]
12.CFM Band - Jazz It Up [Island]
13.C*Swing - Hoodlum [New Breed]
14.Chad Jackson - Hear The Drum (Get Wicked) [Chad Jackson]
15.Afrika Bambaataa - Hip-Hop Funk Dance Classics Vol.1 [Music Of Life]
16.Royal House - The Chase [Champion]
17.Weldon Iryine - We Gettin' Down [Strictly Break]
18.Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul [Polygram]
19.Koolaking - Smokey Feelings [Uxb]
20.James Brown - Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose [Urban]
21.Art Of Noise - Beat Box [Ztt]
22.Prince & The Revolution - Kiss [Warner]
23.KC & The Sunshine Band - That's The Way I Like It [EMI]
24.Gregory Holmes - Devil With The Bust [Sick]
25.Duke Williams - Chinese Chicken [Extreme]
26.Slave - Son Of Slide [Strictly Break]
27.Flight - Sidewinder [Soma]
28.Ray Mang & Nathan D'troit - Off Side [Mangled]
29.K.I.D. - You Don't Like My Music [Sam]
30.Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Spank [Paul Winley]
31.Billy Preston & Syreeta - Go For It [Motown]
32.Lil' Louis - French Kiss [FFRR]
33.Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Casablanca]
34.Translueent - Rhythm [Red Hot]
35.Frankie Knuckles - Baby Wants To Ride [Trax]
36.House Of 909 - The Blandford Superfly [Alola]
37.Kraftwerk - Tour De France [Warner]
38.Tons Of Tones - Sheherezade [Fierce!]
39.Lava And The Hot Rocks - Cold Duck Time
40.Fotriafa - Notte Violenta [Leonardi s.r.l.]
41.Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love [Polygram]
42.Miami Kill That Roach [EMI]
43.Paul Hardcastle - Just Passin' Thru [Chrysalis]
44.Maceo & The Macks - Soul Power '74 [Polygram]
45.Herbie Hancock - Hang Up Your Hand Ups [CBS]
46.Jersey Street - Brand New Day [Glasgow Underground]
47.Chez Damier - Close [Distance]
48.A Guy Called Gerald - Eyes Of Sorrow [CBS]
49.Moodyman - Don't You Want My Love [Peacefrog]
50.Theo Parrish - Them Drums [Sound Signature]
51.Mr.Fingers - What About This Love [Ffrr]
52.Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin [Mo Wax]

Live @ i love nyc_escape club,台中_2004.11.06
01.Hardrive - Just Believe (Little Louie Vega & Tony Humphries Extended Mix)
02.Cevin Fisher & Jason Jinx - The Way We Used To
03.Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin'
04.M People - Moving On Up
05.Arthur Baker - The Break 98 (Cevin's NYC Peak Mix)
06.J&S Productions - Te Quiero
07.Nelson Rosado - Feel It
08.George Morel - Get Up And Get Soulful
09.The Latin Kings - Quiero Saber
10.Cls - Can You Feel It (In House Dub)
11.Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It (Reel 2 Real Dub)
12.GQ Soul - De La Nights (Kiko's Re-Edit)
13.Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena
14.Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Don't Stop... Planet Rock
15.The Buckheads - The Bomb (JohNick Radio Mix)
16.RuPaul - Snapshot (Kupper's Funkin Dub)
17.Kenny Dope - Can U Handle It ?
18.James Brown - Funky President (People It's Bad)
19.New York & Deep - The Live Tracks
20.Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
21.Mateo & Matos - Can't Live Like This
22.Sharon Redd - Can You Handle It (Francois K Mix)
23.Donald Byrd - Lansana's Priestess
24.Konk - Baby Dee
25.Green Velvet - Preacher Man (Acapella)
26.Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - The Dap Dip
27.CFM Band - Welcome Back Brother James (House Party Mix)
28.Rae & Christian feat Dinah Washington - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby ?
29.Dinosaur L - Clean On Your Bean #1
30.Giorgio Moroder - I Wanna Rock You
31.Chroma Oscura - Soft Crystal
32.Starflight - Dance To The Beat
33.Massive Sounds - Free South Africa (Version)
34.Nina Simon - See-Line Woman (Masters At Work Remix)

Live @ 和,台北- 2004.10.30
01.Mogwai - Link (Arcadian Remix)
02.Unknown - Untitled [Remains]
03.Surgeon - Send The Dogs [Counter Balance]
04.Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - XYZ (Our Version) [~Scape]
05.Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - The Black Other [~Scape]
06.Bus Tamed Lion - Untitled [~Scape]
07.Aphex Twin - Girl Boy (Snare Rush Mix) [Warp]
08.Karl Axel Bissler - Afterhours [Dubwise]
09.UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlight [Mo Wax]
10.Clifford / Peacock / Fletcher / Seymour - Chrysalis Music [Warp]
11.Nirvana - Big Long Now [Geffen]
12.Amon Tobin - Slowly [Ninja Tune]
13.Talvin Singh - Traveller [Island]
14.High Skies - Sumatra [Miso]
15.Recloose - Insomnia In Dub [Peacefrog]
16.Smoke City - Underwater Love [Jive]
17.Nils Petter Molvaer - Song Of Sand II [ECM]
18.Mijk Van Dijk - Sai Hakken [Superstition]

Live @ Back 2 Basic / Club Escape,台中 : 2004.06.13.
01.Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy [Warp]
02.Matthew Herbert - Mistakes [Tresor]
03.Freon - Fear The Darkside [Scandinavia]
04.U-Ziq - Hector's House [Rephlex]
05.Freddy Fresh - The Bomb [Eye Q]
06.Technasia - Hydra [Technasia]
07.Red Snapper - Bogeyman [Warp]
08.Cristian Vogel - Gigantic Tautological Machinery [Mille Plateaux]
09.Autechre - Goz Quarter [Warp]
10.Luke Vibert - Flyover [Planet Mu]
11.Can - Mushroom [Bucks]
12.The Headhunters - God Made Me Funky [Arista]
13.Chaz Vincent - Dream Zenith Pt2 [Planet E]
14.Squarepusher - Chunk-S [Warp]
15.Squarepusher - Don't Go Plastic [Warp]
16.Matthew Herbert - Sining In The Rain [Soundslike]
17.Nicolette - All Day [!K7]
18.U-Ziq - The Phonic Socks [Virgin]

Under The Bridge - 2004.04.30.
01.Cave - Street Carnival (Nick Holder Rmx) [Ingoma]
02.Submission - Women Beat Their Men (Cevin Fisher Rmx)
03.Blake Baxter - One More Time (Red Planet Rmx) [Tresor]
04.Model 500 - The Chase [Network]
05.Jeff Mills - Carmen's Theme [Purpose Maker]
06.Colin Dale - Phoenix Rising [Access 58]
07.Rhythmiker vs Ratio - Black Trail [Eukatech]
08.Jeff Mills - Paradise [React]
09.Ben Sims - Infused [Hardgroove]
10.Oscar Mulero - Inheritance [Coda]
11.Jamie Bissmire - Lost In Bass [Eukatech]
12.Mark LLoyd - French Fist (Vox) [Primate]
13.Emote - Superstitions [Pure Plastic]
14.Gecko - Just Close Your Eyes [Delirium Red]
15.Format - Anna & Her Toms [Rehab]
16.R.Campana & D.Reggi - Restless EP [First Cut]
17.Primitive Streak Redefined - Clubtracks [Cosmic]
18.Roelz - Deep Forest [Work Hard Play Hard]
19.Tomaz vs Filterheadz - Latin Loopworks [Session]
20.Cave - Street Carnival (Gary Martin Rmx) [Ingoma]
21.Subject - Imagery [Subject]
22.Kraftwerk - Expo 2000 Rmx [EMI]
23.Ignacio - Sambing [Music Man]

Live @ 4346,墾丁 :2003.04.03 Pt.1
01.Frankie Bones - We Call It Tekkno [Bash]
02.Joey Beltram - Energy Flash [Transmat]
03.Reese - Inside Out [Fragile]
04.Pet Shop Boy - Go West [EMI]
05.The Parallax Corporation - Slowflight/Runner [Autistic Sync]
06.Paperclip People - The Climax [Peacefrog]
07.Afrika Bambaataa - Don't Stop...Planet Rock [Tommy Boy]
08.Adonis - No Way Out [Trax]
09.Mr.Oizo - Flat Beat [F Comm]
10.Kevin Saunderson - The Groove That Won't Stop [KMS]
11.Inner City - Good Life [10 Records]
12.Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hi-Tech Jazz [UR]
13.Back To The 80's - Kill The Light [Paper]
14.Blake Baxter - My Circus [Tresor]
15.Paradox - Jail Break [Logic]
16.Gene Farris - The Spirit [Farris Wheel]
17.Max - A Light Meal [Phonocide]
18.Gerd - Arkest's Blaze [Sensurround Melodies]
19.Thomas Bancalter - Colossus [Roule]
20.Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Polygram]
21.Rok - Cycle Sluts [Muller]
22.Josh One - Contemplation [1-Off]
23.Kramer Dashwood - What Has Been Joined By God...[PGH]
24.Trike - Tempomat [Bpitch Control]
25.Shad-O-Man - Shadowman [Yoshitoshi]
26.Traxmen - F**** N Suckin [Dance Mania]
27.The Buckethead - The Bomb [Henry Street]

Live @ 4346,墾丁 :2003.04.03 Pt.2
27.The Buckethead - The Bomb [Henry Street]
28.The Groove Essentials - Make Up Your Mind [Funky Chocolate]
29.Ian O'Brien - Teentown Beats [Peacefrog]
30.Freaks - Mindless Funk [Phonocide]
31.Freq - Xirtam 2 [Distance]
32.Patrick Turner - Midnight Dancer [White]
33.The Rurals - Hairy Hound [Ideal]
34.Mr.Oizo - Klum [F Comm/PIAS]
35.Basement Jaxx - Get Down Get Horny [Atlantic Jaxx]
36.Nick Holder - Summer Daze [NRK]
37.Paperclip People - Throw (Original)[Peacefrog]
38.Paperclip People - Throw (K.Hand Rmx)[Peacefrog]
39.Robert Hood - Who Taught You Math "Edit" [Peacefrog]
40.Kenny Larkin - Loop 2 [R&S]
41.Red Planet - Star Dancer [Red Planet]
42.By Kelly - The Bomb [Big Time International]
43.Jark Prongo - Movin Thru Your System : 1 [Hooj Choons]
44.Ignacio - Virton [Kozzmozz]
45.John Tejada - Stealth Mission [Palette]
46.Envoy - Dark Manoeuvres [Soma]
47.Sean Deason - Wisdom [!K7]
48.Jeff Mills - Condor To Mallorca [Music Man]
49.Foremost Poets - Moonraker [Junior]
50.Plastikman - Spastik [Novamute]
51.Ian Pooley - Chord Memory [Force Inc]

Live @ Liquid Lounge,台中 - 2003.01.25
01.Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau [WEA]
02.Herman Kelly - Dance To The Drummers Beat [Bottom]
03.Cheryl Lynn - Go To Be Real [Bottom]
04.Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love [Uno Music]
05.Roll Call - Pablo [Soma]
06.James Brown - Funky President [Polygram]
07.Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music [Epic]
08.Mohawks - The Champ [Bottom]
09.Electric Souls Orchestra - Love Rockin [E Souls]
10.Sharon Redd - Can You Handle It [Unidisc]
11.Black Science Orchestra - Sunshine [Afro Art]
12.Black Rio - Gang Do Tagarela.Melo Do Tagarela[EMI]
13.Universal Principles - Latin Stroll [Soma]
14.Balanco - Metti Una Sera A Cena [Edizioni Ishtar]
15.Chari Chari - Black Shrine
16.Dj Matsuoka - The Will Of Life [Compost]
17.St.Germain - Rose Rouge [Blue Note]

Live @ Tech No Over, club Mega 19,台北 - 2002.12.28
01.Mijk's Magic Marble Box-Tokyo Trax [Superstition]
02.Kord-Puffy Nipples [Borft]
03.Danilo Vigorito-Pression Ep [Conform]
04.C.Garette-Collective Congas Ep [Armalyte]
05.Carl Cox-The Latin Theme [Edel]
06.Danilo Vigorito-Auger [Primate]
07.Filter Science-Darkness Falls [Bush]
08.Technodisco-Technodisco [Treibsand]
09.Christian Varela-Intensitiva [Pornographic]
10.Angel Alanis+Rees Urban-Side Winder [Tresor]
11.Chris Mccormack-Tunnels [Materials]
12.Space Djz-Rock The House [Ongaku]
13.Marco Carola-8th Question [Question]
14.Surgeon-Midnight Club [Counter Balance]
15.Justin Berkovi-You're So Alien [Harthouse]
16.Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes-The Golden Apple [Tresor]
17.Andreas Saag-Get It On [SLS]
18.The Advent-Mega Tom Bomb [Tortured]
19.G-Force-Final Set Up [Genetic]
20.Space Djz-Play It By Ear [Tortured]
21.G-Force-Back To The Roots [Kobayashi]
22.Adam Beyer & Joel Mull-Sudden Scene [Tortured]
23.Ben Sims-XTC [Urban Substance]
24.Steve Rachmad-Energetix[Scorp]
25.Mijk Van Dijk & Thomas Schumacher-Delivery[Superstition]
26.Mark Williams-Get High[Dark House Music]
27.Oliver Ho-Metaphysical[Meta]
28.Reducer-Approved Technology[Instillation]
29.Umek-Voice 5[Primate]
31.Dj Zank-Icarusians[U7]
32.High-Life/Five Fingers In The West Pt.2[Mosaic]
33.Tony Thomas-Electronic Spaghetti[Red Frame]
34.Dj Lukas-Funky & Groovy[Planet Rhythm UK]
35.Chris Liebing-The Biggest Ten Inch I Have Ever Seen[CLR]
37.Subject 001-Black Lives[Subject]
38.Mijk Van Dijk-How Deep Is Your Love[Superstition]
39.Tony Dax-Repercussion[Theory]
40.Samuel L Session-Body Slam[SLS]
41.Chris Vareland-Indian Chords[Primevil]
42.Funk D'void-Bad Coffee[Soma]
43.Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera-File Transfer[Primate]
44.Recycled Loops-Seiz Esta Nueve[Primevil]
45.Christian Varela-Funky[4x4]

techno mix - 2000.06.10
01.Rue East-Unwanted(Ben Sims Hardgroove Mix)[Pure Plastic]
02.Ha Lo-Life Force(Ha-Lo Rmx)[Eukatech]
03.Fenton & Thomas-Immortal(Space Djz Rmx)[Advanced]
04.The Minneapolis[Missile]
05.Oliver Ho-M8[Meta]
06.Deputy Dawg-Dirtbag[Peacefrog]
07.Chester Beatty VS Shufflemaster-Beat Boxx(A1)[Cloned Vinyl]
08.Marco Bailey VS Redhead-Field Of Destiny[Kobayashi]
09.Soulwater-Page Up[Primevil]
10.Slam-Dark Forces(Original)[Soma]
11.Aztec Mystic-Revenge Of The Jaguar(Jeff Mills Rmx)[Underground Resistance]
12.R Tyme-R Theme(Mayday Mix)[Loaded]
13.Dark Comedy-The Bar[Elypsia]
14.Unknown-Invasion Vol.2[White]
15.Ratcapa-Guma[Planet Rhythm UK]
16.Phrenetic Madrid-Funky[4x4]
17.Jamie Bissmire-Rhythms Of Nature(Claude Young Rmx)[Ground]
19.Steve Stoll-#13[212 Productions]
20.Pressure Funk-Ghetto Jack(Adam Beyer Rmx)[Soma]
21.Percy X-Reproduction[Soma]
22.Mhonolink-South Operations[Zync]
23.Hardcell-November A1[Countdown 2000]
24.Adam Beyer-Short Life A1[Drum Code]
25.Subjective-Tremmer(Advent Rmx)[Rotation]
26.H-Energy Device[Black & White]
27.Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson-Playing Away[Punish]

techno mix - 1999.04.14.
01.reducer-reducer ep-instillation
02.surgeon-a2(from 'east light ep')-dynamic tension
04.gaetek the advanced series vol.1-conform
05.johan bacto-mankind #2-mankind
06.olga & josef-a1-olga & josef
07.dj skull-cannonball-majesty
08.various-progress report-progress report
09.dj pro one-kaos theory rmx-dark house music
10.space djz-lights-soma
11.chester beatty-mode selector-housedust
12.pacou-reel techno-tresor
13.oliver ho-#11-blueprint
14.stewart walker-stewart walker ep-matrix
15.2 thieves-heresy-red seal
16.ben sims-the loops-hardgroove
17.jamie bismire-the old straight-ground force
18.h-world downfall pt.2-red seal
19.clemens neufeld-impact-planet of drums
20.mark bernard-load(joey beltram rmx)-subvoivce

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