今年購入的黑膠唱片明細,約有 800 張, 已 trade 出 / 已賣出 的部分則不列入.
有底線是可以試聽的, happy hunting ;-)

■ 2004.01 有種唱片

Aztec Mystic/Aguila/Underground Resistance/Ur59
Dan Corco & Fred Carreira/Ombres & Lumieres Ep/Good Life/Gl19
Dan Corco & Fred Carreira/Premice Ep/Rotation/Rot0234
Dave Clarke/Devil's Advocate/2lp/Skint/Brassic 31lp
Dave Clarke/Way Of Life/Skint/Skint93x
David Carretta- Toulouse Is On The Map/Gigolo/Gigolo6
Derrick L.Carter/Squaredancing In A Roundhouse/Classic/Cmc27
Dolphin Boy/On The Ceiling/10"/Tummy Touch/Tuch91
Felix Da Housecat/Cyberwhore/Rude Photo/Zrp 01/Envr47
Hell/Keep On Waiting/Gigolo/Efa27822-6
Inner City/Big Fun/Pias/Piasx25x
P.Diddy-Let's Get Ill/Gigolo/Gigolo110
Samuel L. Sessions/Psyche Ep/Sls/Sls7
Various/Slash & Burn Ep/Crosstown Rebels/Crm4
Various/Ultimate Breaks + Beats/Street Beat Records/SBR520
Various/Ultimate Breaks + Beats/Street Beat Records/SBR521

■ 2004.01. 向 Pierre 購得

Black Science Orchestra/Where Were You/Junior Re-Edit/Jedit03
Blaze/We Are One/King St/Kss1166
Dj Kent/In The Bush/Bear Funk/Bfk2
Fresh & Low/Spooked Ep/Bluem Recordings/Blm17
Klaus Wunderbaum/Rod Baksteen: Magic Man Ep/Rz/Rz3
Miss Kitten & The Hacker - Champagne Ep/Gigolo/Gigolo9
Spiritual South - Green Gold/Afro Art/Afr25
Various/Mixed By Rolando: Nite:Life 016/Nrk Sound Division/Nrkmx16

■ 2004.01. 台中藍色唱片

Archae & Grovskopa/Emergence Four/Emergence/Iou4
Cristian Varela/Feeling Darkness/Elephanthaus/Er17
Clubtracks/Primitive Streak Redefined/Cosmic/Lct17r
David Alvarado/Ascension/Peacefrog/Pf85
David Alvarado/Mayasongs/Peacefrog Gold/Pfg10lp
Heiko Laux – To All Believers/Yoshitoshi/YR21
Jeff Mills/The Electrical Experience/Purpose Maker/Pm14
Minimal Man/Treatment Feel Remix Part 1/Vinyl Classics/Vc2
Patrick Pulsinger - Porno/Disko B/db35
Producers On Wax - Feel The Piano/Let It Move You/Emotive/EM 721-0
Psi Performer/Art Is A Division Of Pain Remixed/K2o/K2o-8
Round Two/New Day/Main Street/Mst4
Rue East/That Time(6am In Spain) /Pure Plastic/Pp36
Surgeon/Screw The Roses/12"/Counter Balance/Cbx8
The Connection Machine - Bitflower/Planet E/PE-CM-1
Theorem – Cinder/M-nus/MINUS-TH-2
Various/Tresor Vol.9/3lp/Tresor/Tre174

■ 2004.01. M & M

DJ Hell/Diese Momente Werden/Sativae/Tiva8
Various/New Religion Presents A Secret History/Emi/Reg85
Victor Simonelli/Bateria-Latin Impressions/Flux/Flux2

■ 2004.02.01. 有種唱片

A Hundred Birds - Jaguar [Wave/Wm50131-1]
Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives/S12/S12dj109
Carl Cox/Club Traxx Vol.2/23rd Century/C23002
Cave - Street Carnival Remixes/Ingoma/INGOMA16
Crack We Are Rock - Animal Trap [Gigolo]
Dave Clarcke Feat Chicks On Speed - What Was Her Name ? [Skint/Skint94]
David Carretta - The Rocket Sardine/Gigolo/Gigolo18
Dee Magic/Get Up And Dance Out There/Dee Magic/Dma18
Deetron/Miss Suave/Intec/Intec23
Dj Pierre - Break It Down [Nite Grooves/Kng191]
Funk D'void - All That Matters [Soma/Soma142]
Ignacio - Evolving [Music Man/Mm107]
Jamie Bissmire - The Interrupted Journey Ep [Eukatech/Euka55-6]
Jeff Mills - Exhibitionist 12" Sampler [React/12react245]
Jeff Mills-From The 21st Pt.1/Axis/Ax19a
Jeff Mills-From The 21st Pt.2/Axis/Ax19b
Kenny Dope/In The House/2lp/Defected/Ith05lp1
Lucien N Luciano - Alain Brito [Peacefrog/Pfg45]
Luke Slater/Traktion Action/Novamute/Nomu133
Master H Feat Silicone Soul - Thirteen [Soma/Soma141]
Mat's Pres M - Traxx Vol.2 [Cinnamon Flava/Cf306]
Matthew Dekay Band - Higher Thoughts [Little Mountain/Lmr4]
Nick Holder - The Other Side [Nrk/Nrklp13]
Percy X & Mark Broom/Lady Killer/Soma/Soma140
Plaid - Parts In The Post 1 [Peacefrog/Pfg 03001]
Plaid - Parts In The Post 2 [Peacefrog/Pfg 03002]
Renato Cohen - Pontape [Intec/Intec17]
Roelz - Deep Forest [Work Hard Play Hard/Whph301-5]
Ronnie Canada Feat Stephane K-Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/Shaboom/Shab70
Roundtree - Hit On You [Discfunction/Dis30]
Royksopp - Sparks [Wall Of Sound/724354727665]
Scissor Sisters/Laura/Polydor/981278-7
Scout Niblett-I Am/Too Pure/Pure133lp
Soul Interactive - Feel It [Soma/Soma138]
Speedy J & Adam Bayer - Collabs 100 [Novamute/Nomu130]
Suburban Knight - My Sol Dark Direction [Peacefrog/Pfg25]
Sven Wittekind - Braindead [Over Drive/Over135-12]
The Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight [Gigolo/Efa27811-6]
The Little Beasties - The Beast Ep [Music For Freaks/Mff12032]
Umek - Gatex [Magik Muzik/Mmuk1]
Various - Baila Conmigo [Houserider/Hr1]

■ 2004.03. Lounge Lounge 唱片

Chris Brann - Deepfall/Peacefrog/Pf71
Craig Alexander - Groove Mission/Dust Traxx/Dtx14
Inner City - Ain't No Body Better [10 Records/612234-213]
Moodymann - Mahogany Brown [Peacefrog/Pf74]
Rta Movement - Pleasure Center 1/Reel Musiq/Rlep22
Various - Boogie Daze & Disco Nites 12" Sample [Slip N Slide/Slip94s]
Various - Free Zone Pres Moving House/Ssr/Ssr169
Various - Slinter 2 [Paper/Paplp7]
Wayne Gardiner - Project 27 / Peacefrog/Pf77

■ 2004.03. 有種唱片

A Man Called Adam/Love Forgotten/Southern Fried/Ecb63
Code And Structure/Hypnotic/Choke/Choke18
Kenny Dope/Bugz In The Attic-La Malanga/Blue Note/72435-48110-12
Nick Holder/No More Dating Dj's/Nrk Sound Division/Nrk88
Rekid/Lost Star/Classic/CMC16
Samuel L Session/Day N' Night/Sls/Sls2
Samuel L Session/New Soil/2lp/Sls/Sls1
Speedy J/Literon/Novamute/12nomu132
Sunday Brunch/When It All Comes To This/Svek/Sk61
Tomaz Vs Filterheadz/Latinworks Remixes/Session/Sess034020

■ 2004.03. 跟 zero trade 到的

Moloko - Sing It Back [The Echo/ECDJ715]

■ 2004.04.08. 映象唱片

2nd Avenew - It's The New [Alleviated/ML2211]
Adam Beyer - Ignition Key [Truesoul/TRUELP1]
Agoria - It's Up [Future Frontier/FF2518]
Armando - The Chicago Bad Boys [Saber/S3005]
Bass Bumpers - The Music's Got Me [S12/S12DJ77]
Cajmere ft. Derrick Carter - Dreaming EP [Cajual/CAJ203]
Dealer's Choice - New York City [Paper/PAP80]
Dj Dove meets Inaya Day - I'm Touched [Slip 'n' Slide/SLIP110]
Dj Rolando - Jaguar [430 West/430WUKT1]
Drew Sky - Funky Disco / Razzmatazz [Chicago Underground/MS3-313]
Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar [Kosmo/Kos2050]
Expose - Tell Me Why [S12/S12DJ78]
Hyper Go Go - High [S12/S12DJ89]
Inner City - Good Life / Big Fun [10 Records/0-96591]
Keith Jarrett - Solo Concerts: Bremen And Lausanne [ECM/ECM1035-37ST]
Kiko - Italomatic [Goodlife/GL12.5]
Lil Louis & The World - Saved My Life [Sony/49-74410]
Mark Grant - Touch Me [Cajual/CAJ238]
Masters At Work - Brazilian Beat [MrBongo/MRB12005]
Mateo & Matos - The Many Shades Of Mateo & Matos [Glasgow Underground/GULP12]Members Of The House - Party Of The Year [KMS/KMSUK11]
Model 500 / Mayday - Back 2 Back Classics [Network/NWKBBT4]
Nomad - Devotion [S12/S12DJ76]
Nova Nova - Bang Bang [F Comm/F121]
Ratio - Black Valve [Central/Cent14]
Sam Records Extended Play - Disco Classics [Nevous NYC/NRV20409]
Sasha - Higher Ground [BMG/74321-189001]
Steve O'Sullivan - Top Shelf Dubs [Mosaic/Mosaic25]
Susumu Yokota - Sakura [Leaf/Bay13V]
Tall Paul - Rok Da House [Effective/EFFS14]
The Youngsters - Illogique [F Comm/F134]
Thomas Schumacher - Elektrochemie Lk Schall [Eastwest/FX396]
Traffik - Sonic Pleasures [Pagan/PAGAN40]
Truby Trio - High Jazz [!K7/!K7-104EP]
Truby Trio - High Jazz [Compost/Compost117-1]
Various - Fat Jazzy Grooves Vol.6 [New Breed/NBR14-1]
Various - Jungle Flavours [IRMA/IRMA487586-1]
Various - Jungle Jazz Vol.3 [IRMA/IRMA491202-1]
Various - Nu Jazz Generation [Clean Up/CUP42LP]
Various - The House Sound Of Chicago Vol.3 - Acid Tracks [FFRR/FFRLP1]
Various - Underground Goodies Vol.4 [Cajual/CAJ202]
Visions ft. Magic Juan Atkins - Is This Real ? [Flying/FLY142]
Yosushi Ide pres. Lonesome Echo Strings - Meets The World [Yellow/YP65]

■ 2004.04. 跟 d7 trade 到的

Ade Fenton - Perverter 2 [Potential/POT14]
Chimera - Valley Of The Spirits/Rephlex/CAT12EP
Dj Rush - Get On Up Remix Ep/Projex/Prox37
Soul Central - Strings Of Life [Whistle Bump/WB1]
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino [Simply 12/S12DJ106]
Zombie Nation - Souls At Zero/Dekathlon/Deka9

■ 2004.04. 跟 faith soul trade 到的

Jon Cutler ft. E-Man - It's Yours [Sony/672053-6]
R.Campana & D.Reggi - Restless EP [FIRST CUT/FC7]

■ 2004.04.28 Juno

Dj Godfather - Live In Australia [Twilight 76/TL27]
Don Williams - Laws Of Destiny Ep/Pure Plastic/Pp51
Emote - Second Coming/Pure Plastic/PP56
Hallucinator - Morpheus/Chain Reaction/Cr35
Koolaking/Coolhand/Pure Plastic/Uxb4
Mark Williams/Carlos/Pure Plastic/Pp54
Oscar Mulero - Altered State EP/Coda/CR7
Punk Disco Beat - Volume III [Punk Disco Beat/PunkDiscoBeat3]
Ram Jam/Wild Cherry - Black Betty/Columbia/COLU78585
Sean Deason - The Shit: 2003 Remixes Vol.2/Matrix/Matrix8
Sebastian Kramer/Beyond Cause/Pure Plastic/Pp55
Various - Pro-Files Remixed [Warm Up/WU10]
Various/Sirius Is A Freuno/Tresor/Tre164
Various: The Discotech Of Alexander Robotnick/Yellow/Yp170

■ 2004.05. 有種唱片

Kevin Yost VS Peter Funk/Puzzle People/FNS/FNS1

■ 2004.05. juno

Anders Ilar/Rendthree/Plong!/Plong!11
Ben Sims/Hardgroove 005: Re-Edits Re-Mixes Re-Works/Hardgroove/Hardgroove5
Various : Sampler 2/Color Recordings/Cred12
Dave Clarke/Just Ride/Skint/Devils2
Digital Express/The Club/Blanco Y Negro/Mx1446
John Plays Special/Sasa Remixes Part 1/I!/Ir289
Kevin Yost/Bongo Madness 4/I!/Ir291
La Funk Mob/357 Magnum Force/Love Supreme/Lfm2
Leif/Tom Ellis/Tom Demac/Steevio: Stolen Moments/Mindtours/Mt7
Various : Warsaw Admixture Vol 2/Soleil/Sol6
Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn/Mute/12MUTE58
Salome De Bahia/Taj Mahal/Yellow/Yp172

■ 2004.05.18 Juno

Adonis/No Way Back/S12/S12dj28
Andreas Saag/Latin Lesson/Sls/Sls17
Barry White/Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/S12/S12dj50
Ben Sims Presents Kehso/The Stick Up/Ingoma/Ingoma17
Bolshevik/Bl 005/Bolshevik/Bl5
Cerrone/Love In C Minor/S12/S12dj119
Chad Jackson/Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) /S12/S12dj125
Chicks On Speed/Wordy Rappinghood/Chicks On Speed/Cosr17
Dj Hell/Totmacher: Interpretationen/Disko B/Efa122906
Dj Rush/Funk U Up! (Get On Up New Remixes) /Pro-Jex/Prox54
Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars [Kanzleramt/KA105LP]
Gypsy/I Trance You /S12/S12dj114
Henze Feat Alex Fuse/Midnight Lover/Humanoise/Noise2
Herman Kelly & Life/T Connection: Dance To The Drummer's Beat/S12/S12dj3
Johannes Heil/Paranoid Dancer/Kanzleramt/Ka71
Jordan Vestey & Sneak E Pete/The Shift: Valentino's Revenge/Blunted Funk/Bf3
Jorge Gebauhr/My Best Friend Theme/My Best Friend/Mbf12004
Kb Records/Women Beat Their Men/Killa Byte/Kb201
Marco Carola/Avalanche (Remixes)/Zenitmusic/Zenit18
Murder Wasn't The Bass/Murder Wasn't The Bass/Murder Wasn't The Bass/Bt3
Plastikman/I Don't Know/Minus/Minus19
Rue East/2004 Ep/Manuke/Mk2
Sharpside/Space Cruising/Pias/1672005130
Silver City/Blah Blah Blah/20:20 Vision/Vis102
Stephen Brown/Bebe Jack Ep/Project/Pro7
Stranger Bay/Nu 4 U Ep/Grayhound/Gnd43
The Headhunters/The Becker Brothers: God Me Funky/S12/S12dj18
Tony Rohr/Baile Conmigo/Tora Tora Tora/Ttt7
Translucent/Rhythm/Red Hot/Hot227
Various/Jackin' The House Vol 2/Jackin' The House/Jth2
Various-Slip 'n' Slide Acapellas Vol.2 [Slip 'n' Slide/SLIP163]

■ 有種唱片

Hell - NY Muscle [International Deejay Gigolos/EFA 278306/GIGOLO130LP]
Paul Kalkbrenner - Press On/Bpitch Control/BPC81
Petar Dundov - Heat EP/Music Man/MM109

■ 2004.05.27. 小宋唱片

Adeva - Until You Come Back To Me [Cooltempo/Coolx254]
Afrika Bambaataa & The Universal Zulu Nation Presents/Vol.2 [Music Of Life/Spock4]
Barry White - Super Lover [A & M/Sp-12317]
Beck - The New Pollution (Aphex Twin Remix) [Geffen/Dgc12-22300]
Billy Preston & Syreeta - Go For It [Motown/M00016d1]
Bizarre Inc. - I'm Gonna Get You/Vinyl Solution/Storm46
Black Magic - Freedom (Make It Funky)/Strictly Rhythm/Sr12403
Black Riot - A Day In The Life [Champion/Champ R 12-075]
Bob Marley - Keep On Moving/Island/12tgx-48543251
Ce Ce Peniston - Nobody Else [Silk Entertainment/Sent9802]
Chick Corea - Friends [Polydor/Pd16160]
Deee-Lite - Power Of Love/Elektra/Ekr117t
Donna Summer - I Remember Yesterday [Casablanca/Nblp7056]
Donna Summer - Live And More [Casablanca/Nblp7119]
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) [Rca/Rcalp6063]
Farley Jackmaster Funk - As Always [Champion/Champ12-90]
Farley Jackmaster Funk/Love Can't Turn Around/Liberty/Libt12.027
Frankie Knuckles - Whadda U Want (From Me)/Virgin/72438-9319163
Frankie Knuckles - Workout/Virgin/096201
Groove Committee - I Wanna Hold You [Emotive/Em745-1]
Hardhouse - Check This Out / Bee Boys [Champion/Champ1294]
Inner City - Do Ya (Claude Young, Carl Craig Remix)/Columbia/Cs77402
Inner City - Pennies From Heaven [Virgin Records (America)/0-96195]
Jaco - Show Some Love/Warp/Wap29
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook [Polydor/823 763-4]
Kitaro 喜多郎 - Budokan 武道館 [Polydor/Kdp-1087]
Kym Sims - Too Blind To See It/Atlantic/096255
Leftfield - Release The Pressure/Hard Hands/Hand29t
Lil Louis & The World - Club Lonely/Epic/49-74282
Lil Louis & The World - I Called U/Ffrr/Fxrr123
M People - Moving On Up/Epic/Xss 77417
Massive Sounds - Ruff & Massive [Nu Groove/Ng21]
Mike Oldfield - Crises/Virgin Schallplatten GmbH/205500
Mike Oldfield - Discovery/Virgin Schallplatten GmbH/206300
Moby - Go (Remixes)/Instinct/Ex-237s
Mr. Lee - Rock This Place [Kool Kat/Koolt23]
Mts And Rtt - Native House [Trax/Tx191]
Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi [Island/Asta1]
Photek - Terminus/Science/QEDT8
Prince And The Revolution - Parade/Paisley Park/925 395-1
Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain [Warner Brothers/9 25110-1]
Red Snapper - Bogeyman/Warp/Wap104
Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It/Strictly Rhythm/Sr12192
Robert Owens - Happy / Far Away [Island/878-223-1]
Royal House - Yeah Buddy [Champion/Champ-1291]
Soldiers Of Twilight - Remixes Part One : Believe/Serial/Serl001
Sven Vath - Ritual Of Life / An Accident In Paradise [Eye Q/0-41403]
The Jets - Magic [Mca/Mca42085]
The Righteous Men - When Love Comes Down/Kiff Sm/Kiff9
The Ya Ya's - Looove (Rmx By Dj Hell) /Bmg/614 179
Time Zone - World Destruction [Celluloid/Cel191]
Tom Tom Club - Suboceana (Juan Atkins Remix)/Sire Records/9 21198-0
Various - A Winning Season Of Jazz [Cbs/As374]
Various - Lost In The Sound / Do You Wanna Jack [Jack Trax/Jtx15]
Winc - Thoughts Of A Tranced Love/Limbo/Limb53t

■ Impo 唱片

3rd Face - Canto Della Liberta [Classic/Cmc20]
Autechre - Gantz Graf [Warp/Wap256]
Chris Doria - Movin' On Ep [First Cut/Fc6]
Dj Sneak - The Rhythm Slave [Classic/Cmc72]
Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino [Gigolo/Gigolo99]
Luke Vibert - '95 - '99/Planet Mu/ZIQ16
Marinkovic - Kinetix Ep [Isophlux/Iso16]
Robert Hood - Minimal Nation [M-Plant/Mp315]
Terence Fixmer - Cerveaux Sans Ames / Peplum [Gigolo/Gigolo127]
The Hacker, Millimetric & David Carretta - Moskow Reise [Goodlife/Gl21]
Victor Simonelli - Bateria - Latin Impressions [Flux/Flux3]
Various - New York Noise/Soul Jazz/SJR LP77

■ 小宋唱片

Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance [Emi America/V-56225]
Cfm Band - Jazz It Up [Island/12brw216]
Crystal Waters - Surprise [Mercury/866 175-1]
Dj Ss - Breakbeat Pressure Ep (Part 1)/Formation/Form12018
Double Dee - Found Love [Epic/49-73548]
Everything But The Girl - Twin Cities [Blanco Y Negro/Neg 053t]
Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush/Ninja Tune/Zen76
Jean Michel Jarre - Revolutions/Polydor/POLH 45
M.Doc - Whatever U Need [Smash/865-845-1]
Reid - Real Motion [Emi/12syx24]
Various - In Flux: Drum 'N' Bass In Movement [Irma/Iam803lp]

■ 買 @llen 唱片

Danny Krivit - Grass Roots Sampler EP [Strut/12STRUT18]
K.Hand - The Art Of Music (Pt 1) [Studio !K7/!K7R013EP]
Nelson Rosado - Total Madness EP [Nite Grooves/KNG15]
Random Noise Generation - The Legacy [430 West/4W-285]
Various - Soulspective [Offshoot/Shootlp1]
Various - Untitled [Fire Music/FM10]

■ 小宋唱片

Bill Ware & Jay Rodrigues - Groove Thing [Eight Ball/Eb13]
Black Traxx - Volume Iii [Night Club Records/Ncl5]
Earth Nation - Alienated [Eye Q/4509 95485-0]
Energise - Report To The Dancefloor [Network Records/Nwkt16]
Fatboy Slim - Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars [Skint/Brassic20lp]
Knight-Grooves - B.Free [Strictly Rhythm/Sr12405]
Pigbag - Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag [Kaz/Kazt90]
Prince And The Revolution - When Doves Cry [Warner Brothers/0-20228]
Shazz - Lost Illusions [Fnac Music Dance Division/590171]
Tech-Noise - Do U Want Me [Usa/Usa1123]
Various - Defected In The House - Eivissa '04 (Pt 2) [Defected/Ith08lp2]

■ 有種唱片

Chester Beatty - Recreation Samba Skool [Disq/Disq13]
Dave Clarke - Southside... [Bush/Sp1]
Din-St - Club Goods Vol 1 [Tresor/Tresor203]
Jeff Mills - Expanded [Axis/Ax39]
Kenny Dope - Life: Styles [Harmless/Hurtlp054]
Kenny Larkin - Ancient Beats / Seduce Her [Peacefrog/Pfg56]
Kenny Larkin - The Narcissist [Peacefrog/PFG54]
Lands//. - Antitainment Ep [Varial/VRL4]
Matthew Herbert - On Your Feet [Soundslike/SL14]
Nick Holder - The Other Mixes [Nrk/Nrk89]
Max Duley - Porcelain Given Name [Ingoma/Ingoma3]
Rima - Subdued [Compost/Compost 134-1]
Sbassship - Block Universe [Electronic Corporation/Elco11.0]
Two Lone Swordsmen - From The Double Gone Chapel [Warp/WARP-LP-119]
Various - I Like It Volume 1 [Compost/COMPOST145-1]
Zulu Tribe - Back To Kinshasa [M.C.M./Mcm10]

■ 2004.07.15. 有種唱片

Africanism - Trompeta Alegre/Yellow Productions/Yp91
Deetron - The Recuts Pt.1/Phont Music/Pm33
Gta1 - Rockstar Dj/Confused/Con47
Kiko - Monique Remix/Goodlife/Gl12
Louie Vega - Choice/Azuli/Azlp27
Mark Broom - Ditch/Real Sessions/12bdrs004
Mark Williams - Margarita/Real Sessions/12bdrs001
Melody Man - The Wonder Of Steve/Harmless/Hurtlp55
Mr.C - Subterrain 100% Unreleased/End/Endlp2.2
Sare Muratore - Belmondo Ep/Eukatech/Euka052-6
Various - Split Ep/Terminal M/Term0331-6

■ 2004.07.19. 與 anthany trade 得

Abi Lonnberg - Mixed Abilities/Sheer/Shr012
Alex Flatner - Tools Ep Vol.1/Lupp/Lupp005
Dj Rush - Going Back/Inex Rudiments/Inex001
Dj Rush - Lesson Ii/Force Inc/Fim178
Rebus Tape - Coding Style Ep/Reel Musiq/Rlep46
User - 010a/00a/010 A
Various - Technosis 3/Technosis/Sis 03-6

■ 2004.07.23. 有種唱片

Ashley Slater - Private Sunshine [Afro Art/Afr19]
Curse - Bold Belief Ep [Physical Soul/Ps1]
Fridge - Of Ep [Go! Beat/Gob X 017]
Jazzanova - In Between [Jazzanova Compost Records (Jcr)/Jcr 025-1]
Layo & Bushwacka! - Love Story (Remixes) [Xl Recordings/Xlt 144 Dj3]
Various - Sonic Mook Experiment [Hub 100/Hub 001 Lp]
Various - Wire 04 Compilation [Ki/Oon Records/Syum 0268-9]

■ 小宋唱片

Loleatta Holloway - Strong Enough [Active/0-66390]

■ 2004.08.02. 有種唱片

Black Strobe - Chemical Sweet Girl [Output/Opr71]
Dave Clarke - The Wiggle [Skint/Devils4]
Depth Charge - Electro Boogie Vol.3 [Studio !K7/!K7075lp]
Felly Forever - This Way [Rip Them All]
J.Axel Feat. Astrid Suryanto - You Give Me (Love) [Statra/Sta1-31207]
Jori Hulkkonen - A Letter From Cardassia [F-Communications/F204]
Nitzer Ebb - Murderous [Novamute/12nomu127]
Simple Stanley & Sterling Moss - Flavour / Blue Thunder [Strata/Str7]
Tim Taylor & Andy Slate - Nite Daddy / Jungle People [Missile/Missile56]
Various - Framed & Formed 2 [Iron Box Music/Ibm10]
Various - The 9th Strike [Giant And Dwarf/Gad9]
X-103 - Thera Ep [Tresor/Tresor10]

■ 2004.08.11. Juno

Alexander Kowalski - Days Of The Liar [Kanzleramt/Ka108]Blacksound/Cage/Probe/Optimusprime - Dario Ep [Xperience/Exp1]
British Murder Boys - Fist [Downwards/Lino32]
Chester Beatty - Recreation Samba Skool 2/Disq/DISQ14
Generation Gap - Last Rites [Rotation/Rot 0443]
Heil Vs Hell - Pdd [Johannes Heil/Jhltd2]
Hidden Variable - Misha's Story [High Octane/Hor31]
Inigo Kennedy - A Prime Palindrome [Asymmetric/Asy11]
Jeff Mills - Man Made Tomorrow [Axis/Axis40]
Jeff Mills - The [Axis/Ax37]
Jeff Mills - Light [Axis/Ax38]
Jeff Mills/Various: Choice: A Collection Of Classics [Azuli/Azlp29]
Juan Atkins - Back To Basics (Pt 2) [New Religion/Reg89]
Juan Atkins - Rebound [Subject Detroit/Sub5]
Mr Jack Declare - Our House Ep [Unleash/Unleash2]
Olga & Jozef - Remixes [Olga & Jozef/Oj9]
Robert Hood - I [M Plant/Mp330]
Robert Hood - Untitled 5 [M Plant/Mp329]
Sebastian Kramer - From Arts & Crafts [Content/Cnt1]
Takaaki Itoh - Killing All Anarchists [Integrale Muzique/Im5]
The Neon Judgement - Fashion Party [Eskimo/541416 501226]
Trolley Route - A Occhi Chiusi (Remixes) [Pure Plastic/Pp57]
Various - Ezequiel [2nd Room/2ndroom2]

■ 2004.08.12. 小宋唱片

Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor [Strictly Rhythm/ZYX/ZYX-7452R-12]
Blaze - Whatcha Gonna Do [BCM/BC12-2006-40]
Innocence - I'll Be There [Cooltempo/Coolx255]
Mulu - Pussycat [MULU/MULU3T]
Various - Indie Top 20 Vol.VII [Beechwood/TT7]
Various - The Nervous Breakdown EP [Nervous/NRV2001]

■ 2004.08.12. IMPO 唱片

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Do Not Legalize It! [~Scape/Sc3]
Equinox - Troubled Mind [Inperspective/INP9]
High Skies - Sumatra [Miso/MISO3]
Various - Buzzin' Fly Vol.1 [Buzzin' Fly/005BUZZ]
Various - Hallway / Divers [Stereo Deluxe/SD045-0]

■ 2004.08.13. 有種唱片

Adriano Canzian - My Boyfriend Is Very Sexy [Gigolo/Gigolo132]
Blue Six - Sweeter Love [Wave Music/Wm50034-1]
Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez - Dancin [Subliminal/Sub100]
Flaunt It Dj's - Never Mind The Bollox [Ransom/Ransom12]
Fumiya Tanaka - Drive Ep [Tresor/Tresor169]
Joris Voorn - Lost Memories Part 2 [Sino/Sino10]
Kelli Hand - Afterhour Ep [Sino/Sino8]
Mark Broom - Glory Dayz [King Of The Snakes/Ks004]
Oliver Ho - Universal - Ritual Remixes [Meta/Meta13]
Regis - Penetration [Downwards/Lino30]
Responsible Space Playboys - Jack You Fly Girls [Tension/Te7]
Technasia - Motion [Technasia/Ta2]
Technasia - Recretions Vol. 3 [Technasia/Tax3]
Technasia - The Declamation [Technasia/Ta3]
The Advent - Time Trap Technik [Gigolo/Gigolo56]

■ 2004.08.16. 小宋唱片

2 Bad Mice - Bombscare [Sm:)E/SM-9003-0]
808 State - Limited Edition Gorgeous Disco 12 [ZTT/ZTT12X]
808 State - Pacific [ZTT/ZANG1T]
95 North - Hangin On [King Street Sounds/KSS1008]
Altern 8 - Brutal-8-E [Network/NWKT59]
Awesome Foursome - Break The Ice/Right Now [Black Label/BL98]
B.U.G. - Move It [Eukatech/EUKA007-6]
Baby Ford - Let's Talk It Over / Change [Sire/9 21557-0]
Bass Hitt - Hey ! [Strictly Rhythm/SR12131]
Boris Dlugosch Presents Booom! - Keep Pushin' [MAW Records/MAW12]
Brian Transeau - Relativity [Deep Dish Recordings/DDR3]
By All Means - Somebody Save Me [4th & Broadway/12BRX114]
C.F.M. Band - Welcome Back Brother James [Rey-D Records/RD-1950]
Chicago Syndicate Feat. Lavette - Move Your Body [Strictly Rhythm/SR12094]
Circuit Feat. Koffi - Shelter Me[Cooltempo/Coolx207]
CLS - Can You Feel It [Strictly Rhythm/SR12069]
CLS - In The Mix [Black Label/BL99]
Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Greets Florida [Logic Records (US)/LUS21]
Crystal Waters - You Turn Me On [Hollywood/0-66409]
D Mob - That's The Way Of The World/FFRR/FX 132
Darryl Pandy - Animal Magnetism [ZYX/ZYX 5627]
DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access [Ffrreedom/TABX 240]
DJ Pierre - Come And Fly With Me / Drive Me In Your Car [Jive/1325-1-JD]
D-Shake - Yaaah / Techno Trance (Remix) [Cooltempo/COOLXR 213]
East 17 - Hold My Body Tight [London/850 151-1]
Ellis-D - I Will Survive [XL/XLT9]
EMF - Unbelievable Rmx [EMI/2041246]
Emmanuel Top - Spherique [Do It Yourself/DIYP9612]
Ferrari (2) - On Safari [Eightball/E9204]
Forgemasters - The Black Steel EP [Network/NWKT30]
Forgemasters - Track With No Name [Warp/WAP1]
Frankie Knuckles Featuring Roberta Gilliam - Workout [Virgin/0-96201]
Fries & Bridges - Make It Hot EP [Music For Freaks/MFF12019]
George Morel - Morel's Grooves (Pt 7) [Strictly Rhythm/SR12304]
Gordon Nelson - You Are My Friend [Perfect Pair/SHV12014]
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) [Unidisc/Spec1332]
Hardrive - Just Believe [Strictly Rhythm/SR12169]
Inner City - Till We Meet Again [Ten Records Ltd. (10)/TENG337]
Jaydee - Music Is So Special [Downtown Recordings/DTR1077]
Johnny Vicious Vs. M.F.S.B - T.S.O.P. [Network/NWKT82]
Jovonn - Out All Nite EP (Vol.2) [Emotive/EM 724-0]
Karl Axel Bissler - Traffic [Dubwise/DUBWISE03]
KMC Feat. Dhany - Street Life [D-Vision/DVR157]
Komix & Co - Lead Me On [First Choice/Komixt15]
Kool Rock Steady - Power Move / I'll Make You Dance [Trax/TX174]
Kraftwerk - The Robots [Elektra/0-66526]
L.A. Mix - Love Together [Breakout/USAT677DJ]
L.A. Tico's - Welcome To The Club... [Strictly Rhythm/SR12439]
Lectroluv - Lectroluv Three - The 2 Track EP [Eightball/E9205]
Lieutenant Stitchie - The Prescription [Atlantic/0-85756]
Lil' Louis & The World - I Called U [FFRR/FX123]
Lil' Louis & The World - I Called U [FFRR/FXR123]
M People - One Night In Heaven [BMG/74321 15297 1]
M People - Open Your Heart [BMG/09870 77867 1]
M1 - Then & Now [Emotive/EM 719-0]
Marco Carola - Open System [Zenit/ZENIT008LP]
Marusha - Rave Channel [Incognito Records/IR-013]
Masters At Work Feat. India - I Cant Get No Sleep '95 [AM:PM/581 143-1]
Masters At Work Feat. India - I Can't Get No Sleep '95 [UMM/UMM 252]
Matrix (2) - Can You Feel It [Vicious Muzik/MUZ101]
Maurice - Got Me Burning Up [Strictly Rhythm/SR 12 350]
MC Tunes Versus 808 State - The Only Rhyme That Bites [ZTT/ZANG3T]
Meat Beat Manifesto - Edge Of No Control [Elektra/0-66375]
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream [Play It Again Sam / PIAS/BIAS232]
MK - Somebody New [Network/NWKT2]
Model 500 - Ocean To Ocean [Kool Kat Music/KOOLT601]
Morel Inc. Featuring Mr. Mike - Time Waits For No One [Strictly Rhythm/SR12406]
Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke [Ffrreedom/TABX 226]
Mr. Fingers - What About This Love (Remix) [FFRR/FXR131]
Music And Art - Rockin' You [Nu Groove/NG105]
New Order - Blue Monday '95 [London/850 041-1]
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Singer [Mute/12MUTE47]
Nirvana - Incesticide [Geffen/GEF24504]
Nitzer Ebb - Lightning Man [Geffen/9 21465-0]
Pandella - This Time Baby [Network/NWKT 27]
Papa Brittle - Economic Warzone [Nettwerk/NET57]
Phugitive - Now Dance (Come On) [Strictly Rhythm/SR12412]
Pizzaman - Trippin' On Sunshine/Loaded/LOAD 032 DJ
PJ - Can Ya Tell Me [Nervous/NER20043]
Project 4007 Feat. James Howard & Joe Wormly - It's Our Turn [Emotive/EM 744-1]
Reese Project, The - I Believe [Network/NWKT 63]
Rob Mello Featuring Cecile - Fantasize [Classic/CMC49]
Robert Owens - Too Much For Me [Blue Village/BV 3024]
Robin Stone - Show Me Love/Champion/CHAMP12-247
RT - States EP [Cajual Records/CAJ205]
Sue Doe - Baby Love [MCA/]
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino [DFC/DFC8901]
Sueno Latino Pres. Valeria Vix - Noche Diva [DFC/DFC 0294]
Sure Is Pure - Proper Tunes [Gem/Gemx3]
The Art Of Noise - Beatbox [ZTT/ZTIS108]
The Art Of Noise - Shades Of Paranoimia [China/DJWOKT2014]
The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) [Big Beat/0-95747]
The Funky Fusion Band - Space Trance [Eightball/EB15]
The Orb - Oxbow Lakes [Island Records (UK)/12 ISX 609]
The Squad Feat. Prince Patric - Can U Feel It [Emotive/EMT311-Test]
The Stone Roses - The Story Love Song [Geffen/GFST87]
The Underground Congregation - Lovin Flowin [Strictly Rhythm/SR12404]
The Untouchables - The Untouchables [Strictly Rhythm/SR12049]
Transformer 2 - Just Can't Get Enough [Sonic/SNC-2017-1]
Trey Max - The Unreleased Lockapellas Volume I [Freeze/FREEZELP-55047]
UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights [Mo Wax/MW 103]
Ultra Nate - Show Me [Warner Brothers/0-41207]
Various - Classic To The Core Volume One [Bass Section/BSECT 1]
Various - Network Retro #2 - Back 2 Back Classics [Network/NWK BBT 2]
Various - Network Retro #6 - Back 2 Back Classics [Network/NWK BBT 6]
Voodoo Suite Feat. Carol Bailey - Spirit Of Life [Network/NWKT 76]
Wamdue Kids - Panic EP [Studio !K7/!K7R003EP]
Wave - Enjoy Life [Eightball/E 9207]
Westbam - And Party [Low Spirit/889 477-1]
Westbam - Rock The House [Low Spirit/879 673-1]
Winx - Hypnotizin' [Sorted/SO20190-1]
XON - The Mood Set [Network/NWKT17]
Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth [Bonzai/BONZAI 029-12]

■ 2004.08.20. 有種唱片

Audiotech - Phase Two/Metroplex/M-023
Daniel Jacques - Soul Me, Soul You Ep [Superbra/Super29]
Erlend Oye - Dj Kicks/Studio !K7/!K7161lp
Jamie Anderson - Tornado/Noise Music/Noise Music6
Jello - Lungbone Ep/Peacefrog/Pfg028
Justice Vs Simian - Never Be Alone/Gigolo/Gigolo138
Kruton - Panel Beat/Unxplored Beats/Uxb10
Moodymann - Sweet Yesterday/Peacefrog/Pfg39
Tiefschwarz - Blow/Gigolo/Gigolo137

■ 2004.08.20. 向 Dj Chono 購買

Fc Kahuna - Machine Says Yes/City Rockers/Cityrock2lp
Gary Martin - Summer Ep/Flux/Fr001
Nina Simone - See-Line Woman/Verve/570 665-1
Nathan Haines - Doot Dude/Chillifunk/Cf60

■ 2004.09.03. IMPO 唱片

Dolphin Boy - Handsome As Ever/Tummy Touch/TUCH83
Triple R + Walker - Aufraeumen !/XXCB/XXCB601

■ 2004.09.05. 台中 blue 唱片聚會 trade 得

2B Vs. H.Flinsch - Pearldiving/Choke/Choke11
Boo Williams - MARS: 2002 Remixes/Headphoniq/Q7
Calibre - Reflections/Quadraphonic/QUAD2
Elegia - The Essence Of It/F-Communications/F122
Gaelle - Rain/Naked Music/NM16
Justin Berkovi - The Closer You Come/Music Man/MM96
Mark Broom - Lessons Learnt/Pure Plastic/PP44
Rick Garcia - La Luz/Moody/MDR9662-1
RSP - Follow The Funk/Music Man/MM59
Speaker - Speaker/Torema/TRM-JPN-13
Submeditation - Digital Isolation/Choke/CHOKE10
Taksi - Schneesturm/Plus 8/PLUS8077
Talvin Singh - Back To Mine/DMC/BACKLP8
Various - The Way We Used To / Ghetto House Groove/ZYX/ZYX8876-12

■ 2004.09.14. 日本行

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Do Not Legalize It! [~scape/sc3]
Various - Staedtizism 2 [~scape/sc8]
Blaze feat. Palmer Brown - My Beat [3Way Music/3W1T]
Abe Duque - Besame Mucho! [Abe Duque/ADR-5]
Abe Duque - It Moved Me [Abe Duque/ADR-8]
LFO - LFO (Remixes) [Acalwan/ACA 2003-12]
The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Goodbye Swingtime [Accidental/AC05LP]
Stephen Brown - Jacks Trax E.P. [Affected/AFF13]
Theo Parrish - That Day / How I Feel [Archive/DOCUMENT7]
Inner City - Good Life (Buena Vida Remixes) [Associate/AIJT5036-7]
Basement Jaxx - EP2 [Atlantic Jaxx/JAXX2]
Jeff Mills - Medium [Axis/AX-009ef]
Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 3 [Axis/AX26]
Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 4 [Axis/AX30]
Jeff Mills - See [Axis/AX36]
Jeff Mills - The [Axis/AX37]
Jeff Mills - Expanded [Axis/AX39]
Various - Derrick Carter - Choice - A Collection Of Classics [Azuli/AZLP24]
Quadrant - Dub [Basic Channel/BC6]
Basic Channel - Basic Reshape [Basic Channel/BC-BR]
Quadrant - Infinition / Hyperprism [Basic Channel/BC-QD]
DJ Kent - In The Bush (Theo Parrish Remix) [Bear Funk/BFK5]
Carl Craig - Landcruising [Blanco Y Negro (UK)/4509-99865-1]
Carl Craig - Science Fiction [Blanco Y Negro (UK)/NEG80T]
Long Ago - A Relic [Buzz/BZZXL106060]
Psyche / Rhythim Is Rhythim - "Relics" Album Sampler [Buzz/BZZXL106076]
Various - Relics - A Transmat Compilation [Buzz/BZZLP106106]
Various - Panic In Detroit [Buzz/BZZLP106107]
Roy Davis Jr - Alive On Tha Set! [Cajual/CAJ246]
A Guy Called Gerald - FX [CBS/655513-6]
Herbie Hancock - The Best Of Herbie Hancock [CBS/CBS84106]
Scion - Emerge [Chain Reaction/CR1]
Vainqueur - Elevation [Chain Reaction/CR7]
Monolake - Magenta [Chain Reaction/CR8]
Porter Ricks - Port Of Nuba [Chain Reaction/CR9]
Hallucinator - Hallucinator [Chain Reaction/CR22]
Zeka - Born In Detroit, Raised In Chicago [Clashbakk/CLB110]
Herbie Hancock - Rockit / Megamix [Columbia/44H06895]
Mark Broom - Emulate EP [Cosmic/COS7]
Spirit (5) - Spirit EP [Cosmic/COS23]
Dave Clarke - Shake Your Booty [Deconstruction/74321 50954-2]
Various - Kenny Dixon Jr. vs. Mike Huckaby [Deep Transportation/DT2]
Eddie Amador - Rise [Defected/DFECT9]
Glenn Underground Presents The S.J.U. Project - Future Parables [Defender/DFDLP14]
Glenn Underground - G.U. Essentials Pt. 3 [Dust Traxx/DTX21]
DJ Genesis - Back In The Middle (Remixes) [Dynamite Soul/DS-704]
Goldie - Timeless [FFRR/828 614-1]
Various - FFRR Classics Vol. 8 [FFRR/FFCLX8]
Lil' Louis & The World - Nyce & Slo [FFRR/FX137]
Various - Met @ musik [Force Inc/FIM200]
G-Man - Avanti [Force Inc/FIM 221]
BFC - Evolution [Fragile/FRG2]
DJ T-1000 - Liquid Metal Monster [Generator/GEN16]
Kevin Yost - Dawn Approaches EP [i!/IR132]
Basic Bastard - Cruising [Ignitor/IGNTR-2]
Various - Do Androids Dream Of Techno Jazz [IRMA/IRMA494029]
Moodymann - Amerika [KDJ/KDJ15]
Various - Wire 01 [Ki/oon/SYUM0198]
Various - Wire 02 [Ki/oon/SYUM0233-4]
Reese & Santonio - Truth Of Self Evidence [KMS/KMS17]
Chez N Trent - The Choice [KMS/KMS51]
Roy Davis Jr - The Beautiful One [Large Records/LAR28]
Roy Davis Jr - Closer 2 U [Large Records/LAR79]
Glenn Underground - Trust [Large Records/LAR88]
Static Drum - External Remixes [Logistic/LOG21]
Various - Limited Edition Double Pack [Love From San Francisco/L.F.S.F.7]
Robert Hood - The Greatest Dancer [M-Plant/MP322]
Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Manifesto/FESX 1]
Sean Deason - The Shit : 2003 Remixes (Vol.3) [Matrix/MATRIX009]
Model 500 - No UFO's [Metroplex/M-001]
Theo Parrish - Segments From The Fifth Wheel [Moods & Grooves/MG12]
Various - Rhythm Method Vol.3 [Mosaic/MOSAIC24]
Basement Jaxx - Fly Life [Multiply Records/12MULTY21]
Various - FUSE Presents Hell [Music Man/MMLP10]
Various - Aktion Mekanik [Music Man/MMLP21]
Neil Landstrumm & The Horrorist - Asphyxia [Music Man/MM98]
Dimitri Andreas - Panther EP [Music Man/MM103]
Steve Rachmad & Petar Dundov - Amsterdam Session [Music Man/MM104]
Sterac Electronics - Keep On Running [Music Man/MM106]
Plastikman - Musik [NovaMute/NoMu37LP]
Dimitri From Paris - Jazzin the House [NRK Sound Division/NRK8]
Dimitri From Paris - Jazzin The House [NRK Sound Division/NRK9]
Jeff Mills - Twilight Scenario [NSC/NSC 9/10]
Sylk 130 - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life [Ovum/SYLK1DJ]
Detroit Soul Project - EP [PAN/PAN 009]
The Otherworld Collective - Artificial World [Peacefrog/PF17]
St. Vitus Dance - Come Of Age [Peacefrog/PF26]
Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Vol. 2 [Peacefrog/PF32]
Tim Harper - Tim Harper [Peacefrog/PF47]
Dan Curtin - Art & Science [Peacefrog/PF51LP]
Maxwell House - Maxwell House [Peacefrog/PF52]
Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Vol. 4 [Peacefrog/PF64]
Dan Curtin - Whisper To An Echo [Peacefrog/PF72]
The Detroit Escalator Company - Black Buildings EP [Peacefrog/PF96]
Planetary Assault Systems - Coad Warrior 1 [Peacefrog/PFG1]
Newworldaquarium - Lovin' U [Peacefrog/PFG19]
Charles Webster - Remixed On The 24th Of July (Dubs Pt 1) [Peacefrog/PFG23]
Alton Miller - Stories From Bohemia [Peacefrog/PFG44LP]
Stasis - Past Movements [Peacefrog/PFG46LP]
Nouvelle Vague - I'm A Manner Of Speaking [Peacefrog/PFG49]
Moodymann - Black Mahogani [Peacefrog/PFG50LP]
Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague [Peacefrog/PFG51LP]
Moodymann - Black Mahogani II [Peacefrog/PFG57]
Herbert - Part Four [Phono/PHONO5]
Moodymann - Dem Young Sconies [Planet E/PE65233]
Common Factor - Expanded EP [Planet E/PE65242]
Common Factor - Pisces Groove [Planet E/PE 65246]
Common Factor + John Redmond - Fascination / World Is Mine [Planet E/PE65252]
Innerzone Orchestra - People Make The World Go Round 2 [Planet E/PE65253]
Recloose - Can't Take It (Remixes) [Planet E/PE65258]
Various - Geology - A Subjective Study Of Planet E Volume Two [Planet E/PE65261]
Recloose - Ain't Changin' [Planet E/PE65266]
Recloose - Cardiology [Planet E/PE65267]
Todd Sines + Natacha Labelle - Overlap [Planet E/PE65268-1]
Todd Sines + Natacha Labelle - Overlap [Planet E/PE65269-1]
Urban Tribe - Covert Action [Planet E/PE65271]
Niko Marks - Chune / Truly Something [Planet E/PE65273-1]
Tres Demented - Demented [Planet E/PE65274-1]
Flexitone - Nausicaa [Planet E/PE65331]
69 - Sound On Sound [Planet E/PE69170]
69 - 4 Jazz Funk Classics [Planet E/PE69-1]
Paperclip People - Remake [Planet E/PEPCP1]
Fabrice Lig - Meet U In Brooklyn [Playhouse/PLAY85]
Richie Hawtin - Call It What You Want! [Plus 8/PLUS8050]
Plastikman - Sickness [Plus 8/PLUS8058]
DJ T-1000 - The Sexy Adventures Of Orietta St Cloud [Pure Sonik/PURE13]
The Martian - Particle Shower [Red Planet/RP8]
Funky People - Funky People [Slip 'n' Slide/SLIP50]
Various - Jazz In The House 4 [Slip 'n' Slide/SLIPLP60]
Samuel L. Session - Raw Material [SLS/SLS15]
Blake Baxter - Sexuality 2004 [Sonic Groove/SG0430]
DJ Hell - DJF 750 [Sony/AIJT5019]
WestBam - DJF 125 [Sony/Syum050]
Indeep - Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life [Sound Of New York/SNY5102]
Theo Parrish - Musical Metaphors EP [Sound Signature/SS1]
Theo Parrish - Moonlight Music & You [Sound Signature/SS2]
Theo Parrish - Pieces Of A Paradox [Sound Signature/SS4]
Theo Parrish - Roots Revisited [Sound Signature/SS5]
Theo Parrish - Overyohead / Dance Of The Drunken Drums [Sound Signature/SS6]
Theo Parrish - Summertime Is Here [Sound Signature/SS8]
Leron Carson / Theo Parrish - The 1987 EP [Sound Signature/SS12]
Theo Parrish - Location of Lost Colors [Sound Signature/SS13]
Theo Parrish - You Forgot / Dirt Rhodes [Sound Signature/SS15]
The Rotating Assembly - Rusty Waters [Sound Signature/SS17]
Theo Parrish - Natural Aspirations [Sound Signature/SS18]
The Rotating Assembly - Natural Aspirations [Sound Signature/SS19XAB]
The Rotating Assembly - Natural Aspirations [Sound Signature/SS19XCD]
Theo Parrish - Ugly Edits (Vol. 2) [Not On Label/UGE2]
Theo Parrish - Ugly Edits (Vol. 3) [Not On Label/UGE3]
Theo Parrish - Ugly Edits (Vol. 4) [Not On Label/UGET4]
Theo Parrish - Ugly Edits (Vol. 5) [Not On Label/UGET5]
Theo Parrish - Ugly Edits (Vol. 6) [Not On Label/UGET6]
Theo Parrish - Ugly Edits (Vol. 8) [Not On Label/UGET8]
Sutekh - Every Dot And Tittle [Source/1207]
Various - Music For Dancefloors: The Best Of The Chappell Music Libary Sessions [Strut/12STRUT8]
Swayzak - Keep It Coming [Studio !K7/!K7166EP]
Swayzak - Loops From The Bergerie [Studio !K7/!K7166LP]
DJ Bone - R.I.D.E. [Subject Detroit/Sub2]
DJ Bone - Ship Life [Subject Detroit/Sub3]
DJ Bone - Physics [Subject Detroit/Sub4]
Chez Damier - Close [Substance/SUB4826.6]
Gary Martin - Serious Business [Teknotika/GG039]
Responsible Space Playboys - Jack You Fly Girls [Tension/TE7]
Abe Duque - Fantastico (Remix) [Tension Records/TE10]
Monika Kruse - Latin Lovers [Terminal M/TERM0323-6]
Various - Detroit Beatdown (Vol. 1) [Third Ear/3ELP1]
Various - Rare Techno Classics From Detroit And Beyond 2 [TNO/TNO2]
R-Tyme - Use Me [Trance Fusion/TF506]
Suburban Knight - The Groove [Transmat/MS3]
R-Tyme - R-Tyme [Transmat/MS9]
Psyche - Crack Down [Transmat/MS12]
Model 500 - Ocean To Ocean [Transmat/MS14]
Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time [Transmat/MS23]
Quiet Daze - Viewing A Decade EP [Transmat/MS24]
Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time [Transmat/MS25]
Rodenbush - Rodenbush EP [Transmat/MS29]
Ingator 2 - Skyscratch (Mano Mano) [Tresor/Tresor5]
Renee feat. Taj - When I Dream [Tresor/Tresor46]
Ben Sims - Dubs 2 [Tresor/Tresor172]
Neil Landstrumm - She Took A Bullet Meant For Me [Tresor/Tresor177]
Theo Parrish - Parallel Dimensions [Ubiquity/URLP151]
Members Of The House - Reach Out For The Love [Underground Resistance/UR18(2)]
Underground Resistance - World 2 World [Underground Resistance/UR20]
Drexciya - Drexciya 2: Bubble Metropolis [Underground Resistance/UR26]
Vintage Future - Venomous [Underground Resistance/UR27(2)]
Scan 7 - Undetectible [Underground Resistance/UR31]
Dark Energy - Aurora [Underground Resistance/UR31(2)]
The Infiltrator - Infiltrator [Underground Resistance/UR39]
Underground Resistance - Hardlife [Underground Resistance/UR44]
Various - Hidden In Plainsight EP [Underground Resistance/UR50X2]
Mad Mike & Perception (2) - Windchime [Underground Resistance/UR54]
Frankie Knuckles Feat. Adeva - Too Many Fish [Virgin/Y-38477]
The Heartists - Belo Horizonti [Virgin Underground/7243 8 38622 1 4]
K. Hand - Global Warning [Warp/WAP55]
Lil' Louis - Blackout 2003 [White/ZEN2]
Duncan - Too Deep [Yellow Productions/YP114]
808 State - Pacific808:98 / Cubik98 [ZTT/ZTT98T]

■ 2004.11.06. 台中藍色唱片

Daft Punk - Da Funk / Musique/Virgin/Vst1625
Dj Pierre - I Can't Stand It/Just Say/Just2-6
Eddie Amador - House Music/Yoshitoshi/Yr40
Indigo Tracks - Rites Of Passage/Prescription/Pr-5019
Jerome - Rebound/Music Man/Mm47
Johannes Heil - P.A.X./Kanzleramt/Ka21
Kenny Dope - Jam The Mace/Tu Chicks/Tu5
Mood Ii Swing - Move Me/Earth, Moon & Sun/Ems3
Ricardo Villalobos - Ibiza99/Playhouse/Play35
Various - Colin Dale Presents Mutant Disco/Harmless/Hurtlp9

■ 2004.12.14. Juno

3 Chairs Project - Good Kiss/Sound Signature/Ss33
Chairs: 3 Chairs/3 Chairs/3chr3
Akufen - Quebec Nightclub (Repress)/Perlon/Perlon24
Akufen/Ricardo Villalobos/Luciano & Serafin/Daniel Bell: Post Office Ep/Telegraph/Tel15
Beanfield - Tides/Compost/Comp158-1
Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul/S12/S12dj42
Brazilian Girls - Lazy Lover/Verve/Vervb 000360011
Dj Lhoie - Sonic Assault Ep/Subject Detroit/Sub6
Gwen Mcrae/Miami - All This Love That I'm Giving/S12/S12dj2
Inigo Kennedy - Jednu Dvanactku/Asymmetric/Asy12
Inner City - Groovin' Without Doubt/Kms/Kms8
Kc & The Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight/S12/S12dj16
King Bee - Back By Dope Demand/S12/S12dj59
Kwass - The People's Vote/Modular Music Channel/Mmc19
Maceo & The Macks - Cross The Track s (We Better Go Back) /S12/S12dj44
Masters At Work Present - Latin Verve Sounds/Verve/Vervlpdb 0002634
Model 500 - Outer Space/Metroplex/Mple38
Monobox - Monobox Rmx Vol 4/Logistic/Log40
Nick Holder - Summer Daze/Nrk/Nrk55
Paul Mac - C Side Volume 8/C Side/Cside8
Peter King - Shango (Reissue)/Strut/Strutalp6
Ray Hargroove Presents The Rh Factor: Hard Groove/Verve/651921/Verv 440065192
Red Tide - Remix Ep 01/Core/Core13
Segun Bucknor - Poor Man Get No Brother - Assembly & Revolution 1969-1975/Strut/Strutalp5
Sir Real - Wronger Than The Rest Ep/Snafu/Snafu23
Steve Bicknell - When All Is Not?/Cosmic/Cos27
The Fatback Band - Wicky Wacky/S12/S12dj66
The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back/S12/S12dj43
The Rh Factor - Strength Ep/Verve/Vervlpdb 0003413
Tiefschwarz - Ghostrack/Four Music/For1055
Ugly Edits - Ugly Edits Volume 9/Ugly Edits/Ugedt9